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I am dedicated to lifting the potential of women and creating more female leaders in the world while accelerating their personal and professional growth so they can create their dream life.

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Women's Leadership Accelerator


You had unshakeable confidence and self worth and knew how to operate in alignment with your HIGHEST self?
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"When I started this program I was at my lowest. I had low self-confidence and I was stuck in a place where I was constantly doubting myself and afraid of moving forward. All my life I had confidence problems and my happiness basically relied on others’ approval. I did achieve my goals in the past but I constantly felt like I did not deserve them, or I just got lucky! Kelsey taught me to value myself, acknowledge and celebrate my wins no matter how small they are, believe in myself and find happiness from within regardless of what others think. My confidence was built during this program, and I learned how to have control over my emotions rather than letting them control me. Now I am excited to do things outside of my comfort zone, I am not afraid of making mistakes and failure. I know failure is the price of success! I can control my emotions and make decisions based on what aligns with my values and my vision. I get excited about things that used to give me anxiety! Anxiety is no longer limiting my goal setting and I can dream big and take messy action!"


Niloufar Mazloumpour, Technical Lead

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30 Women’s Empowerment & Leadership Book Recommendations

If you are an aspiring or current female leader looking to uplevel your confidence & relationship management skills, understand your emotions, hone in on your leadership/ managerial capabilities, and just understand yourself on a deeper level, these are a great place to start!

I have learned a lot and gained very valuable insights from these books as a female leader and coach. I have incorporated some of the key takeaways into my leadership and coaching program with the most tangible example being Nonviolent communication. This has been an absolute GAME CHANGER in how I communicate with friends, family, clients, and anyone else and it will be a game changer for you as well.

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Body Positivity – Time to Retrain Our Brains

Alright ladies, let’s talk about BODY POSITIVITY.

For those of you who don’t know me, I have always been a skinny girl with very little curves and this runs in my family. Or as they call us in the fitness world; an ectomorph.

For almost my entire life until the past year or two, I’ve been told to “go eat a burger” or “you need to put some meat on your bones” or regularly asked if I’m anorexic or even close friends stating they are “worried” about me and asking me if I’m eating enough/ telling me how I’ve “shrunk down”. After many years of hearing this, I started to believe it. I would constantly hide my body and would be afraid to be in a bathing suit around people as I was worried that my “skin and bones” would offend them.

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What Integrity Means To Me

Integrity seems to be a big deal and one of the most commonly discussed topics in business. But do we all truly understand the meaning of it? And does this align with what it means to us?

Michael Jensen explains “The primary differentiation I make between integrity, morality and ethics is to distinguish integrity from morality and ethics. Integrity is a positive proposition. It has nothing to do with good vs. bad. Think for a moment about the Law of Gravity: there is no such thing as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ gravity; like integrity, it just ‘is’. Morality and ethics, on the other hand, are normative concepts in that they deal with matters of good or bad, right vs. wrong. Morality refers to a society’s standards of right and wrong behavior for individuals and groups within that society, while ethics refers to the normative set of values that apply to all members of a group or organization. Thus, both morality and ethics relate to desirable vs. undesirable behavior.”

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